Private Training

Private Pilates sessions are the best way to experience the full benefits of Pilates. Using direct posture, gait and movement observation, our professional Pilates instructors can design an exercise regimen specific to your body’s strengths, weaknesses and training goals. More specific issues of post-rehabilitation and athletic performance can be directly addressed.

Whether you choose weekly private sessions or just take a few to complement group classes, the expertise of a specialized Pilates instructor will accelerate and deepen your Pilates experience.

Purchase a package of 4 or more and we can develop a personalized program for you to do at home.
Special Promotion NEW CLIENTS first 2 private training sessions for $99!  Call studio for details.

Reformer Classes

Reformer classes consist of 3-5 participants so special care is taken to match participants with similar goals and levels. In most cases it is recommended that you have taken a few private classes or an initial assessment prior to entering group reformer classes. Please contact studio prior to signing up.
New Client Specials

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