About Pilates

What is Pilates?

PILATES (pronounced “pi-lah-teez”) is an exercise program to strengthen, stretch, realign and balance your whole body. It is well known for its focus on core strength and is often recommended for people with back issues. It is named after its creator Joseph Pilates and is used by dancers, athletes, physical therapists and fitness enthusiasts.

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Tone and Strengthen – Build long, lean muscles from the inside out
  • Core Strength – Have the best abs of your life
  • Improve Posture and Balance – Stand taller after every class
  • Performance Enhancement – Great for athletes and cross training
  • Stretch and Realign – Take care of your body and it will take care of you
Pilates is practiced by over 11 million people in the USA and growing in popularity every day. Top athletes are using it for performance enhancement, hospitals are using it for rehabilitation and specialty studios are thriving all over the world as this new wave of mind body fitness takes stride.

Power and endurance starts in the core. Your foundation is the proper alignment of your pelvis and spine supported by your deep core, then the global systems integrate that power into your arms and legs. Without it you are at a huge disadvantage. Pilates instructors are the “core whisperers” of the fitness industry. We know core!

Each joint plays an important role in the body and each joint has an optimal range of motion. The balanced use and coordination of the muscles around a joint are key to its correct alignment. Unlike some training methods that emphasis a lot of stretching or others that emphasize only strengthening Pilates advocates for a balance of both.

Pilates equipment is uniquely designed to balance and realign your body while you work out. The secret is that it helps bring out the body’s natural design and reeducates movement to reveal a higher level of function. A bonus is that it feels great too! People often comment that when working out on Pilates equipment exercise feels easier, joints feel supported and they get better results.