Devon Pearson – Pilates Professional and Instant Friend

If you have been to Pilates and Ada or Pilates in East and met Devon Pearson, you will understand what it means to have an instantaneous friend! Devon has the amazing ability to laugh and have fun with her clients while, at the same time, pushing them to get the most out of their time with her – whether in a private session or a class setting.  

Having taken Pilates as a student since 2008, Devon made the decision to turn her passion into a reality by becoming certificated as a Pilates instructor. In 2010, she opened her own studio in Carmel, IN. After three years of successful growth, Devon sold her business and later moved to the Grand Rapids area.

Her certification is through the Physical Mind Institute, Pilates Method Alliance, and Balanced Body. Her strengths include group reformer, chair, mat, and small apparatus. She continues to develop professionally by attending courses and classes of other instructors. Because Devon’s studio was located inside of a Chiropractic Medical building, it allowed her to emphasize both the medical and fitness benefits Pilates has to offer.

Devon holds a firm belief that aligning the body by building core muscles, balance, control and flexibility will provide a synergistic effect.

“I love Pilates for so many remarkable reasons. Pilates is good for everybody and every BODY. It will challenge you, entice you, embrace you, and it will help you grow into a better you.“

We absolutely love the experience, energy, passion and professionalism that Devon brings to our team at Pilates in Ada and Pilates in East!  

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